Jigjey Kyab | 久谢杰

Jigjey Kyab | 久谢杰

January 24: A teenaged Tibetan was found dead with his body doused with kerosene and lighters in his hand due to suspected poisoning in Luchu region of eastern Tibet.

On January 19, the body of Jigjey Kyab, 17, soaked with kerosene and with two lighters in his hands, was recovered from a busy street in the Shigtsang Pungkor region of Luchu.

“Jigjey Kyab made an attempt to self-immolate but he apparently died before he could set himself on fire” said Lhamo Kyab, a former political prisoner living in Dharamshala. “He had reportedly consumed poison prior to his self-immolation protest to ensure that he didn’t fall into the hands of the Chinese authorities alive.”

In a last note left by his bedside, which was later found by his family members, Jigjey Kyab has called on Tibetans to rise up.

“I pray that my aspirations will be fulfilled. If you are your mother’s son – rise up. Sons of the Land of Snows – rise up. Singers of the Snow Land – rise up. May His Holiness the Dalai Lama live for thousands of aeons. My respect to the white snow lion (symbol of Tibet). My prayers for happiness in Tibet.”

Jigjey Kyab | 久谢杰 was the 6thTibetan who attempted self-immolatin (since 2012) but failed.



我祈愿愿望能实现。如果你是你母亲的儿子, 站起来!雪山之子, 站起来!雪山的歌手, 站起来!祝愿达赖喇嘛尊者长寿百岁。向白雪山狮子致意。为图博特幸福祈祷。