Lungrig Dorjee | 敦格多杰

Lungrig Dorjee | 敦格多杰

DHARAMSHALA, December 28: A Tibetan school student in south India has attempted to set himself on fire in solidarity with the wave of self-immolations inside Tibet and in protest against China’s continued occupation of Tibet.
On November 24, Lungrig Dorjee, a ninth grade student at the Tibetan Children’s Village School, Bylakuppe was seen and stopped minutes before he was could put a matchstick to his body doused in inflammable liquid.

“Lungrig had skipped the function on the day when the school was to break for its annual winter vacations,” Lobsang Yeshi, a Tibetan member of parliament based in the largest Tibetan settlement of Bylakuppe said. “Instead, he doused himself in diesel in an area nearby the school premises. Alert onlookers saw him and were able to stop him minutes before he tried to set himself ablaze.”

“Lungrig then went to some other location to make yet another attempt at self-immolation but he was stopped by local people and school teachers.”

Later, speaking about his self-immolation attempt, Lungrig said the ongoing security crackdown inside Tibet by Chinese authorities has further restricted the basic freedoms of the Tibetan people and stifled all information coming out of the region.

“And as a person living in a free country, I thought with my self-immolation I could make the world aware of the critical situation inside Tibet.”

Lungrig was born in Tibet and escaped into exile to study. He keenly follows the situation inside Tibet and took active participation in the school co-curricular activities.

Lungrig Dorjee | 敦格多杰 was the 4th(1stin India) Tibetan who attempted self-immolatin (since 2012) but failed.

敦格多杰),南印度9年纪学生, 男,约15岁
敦格多杰在西藏出生,后流亡印度,在位於南印度的卡納塔卡邦府 拜拉庫培(Bylakuppe, Karnataka)的藏人孩童村学校就读。
2012年11月24日,敦格多杰未出席学校为每年度举办的冬季假期庆祝会。他在校园内一处,倒汽油在身上,试图自焚,被其他学生发现并成功阻止他点火。 之后敦格多杰又在其它地点二次试图自焚,皆被地方民众和学校老师阻止。他之后谈及自己的自焚意图,提到“境内西藏不断传出来的中共当局严厉镇压藏人的消息,藏人没基本的自由权力,信息也无法传出。作为一位居住在自由国家的人,我以为我的自焚能让世界认识到境内西藏的严峻情况”。