Lobsang Kunchok | 洛桑贡确

Lobsang Kunchok | 洛桑贡确

Info: On September 26 Lobsang Kelsang and Lobsang Kunchok, both believed to be approximately 18-years old, set fire to themselves while shouting “Long live His Holiness the Dalai Lama,” in a protest also held in Ngaba county town. After extinguishing the flames, police took the two young monks into custody.

Another self-immolating monk, Lobsang Kunchok who set himself ablaze on September 26, 2011 has lost all four limbs. He has also been subjected to verbal abuse from the doctors and Chinese officials at the hospital.

Lobsang Kunchok along with another Kirti monk Lobsang Kalsang, both in their late teens, had carried out their fiery protest in the central town of Ngaba, raising slogans calling for the long-life of His Holiness the Dalai Lama and religious freedom in Tibet.

“All four limbs of Lobsang Kunchok have been amputated and he is being fed through a pipe in his throat,” the Dharamshala based Kirti monastery said in its release.

London based Free Tibet in a separate release today said that Lobsang Kunchok’s family have been denied any visiting rights and have not seen their son since his self-immolation.

“Lobsang Kunchok has been subjected to verbal abuse from doctors and Chinese officials including accusations of trying to destroy ‘his country’,” Free Tibet said.

Lobsang Kunchok | 洛桑贡确 was the 5th(5thinside Tibet) Tibetan self-immolator since 2009.

y http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bA63I_awsYc

洛桑贡确(中国官方写贡确旦巴) ,安多阿坝(今四川省阿坝藏族羌族自治州阿坝县)格尔登寺僧人,18岁。
2011年9月26日上午,洛桑贡确在阿坝县洽唐中街与洛桑格桑一起自焚,呼喊“祈愿达赖喇嘛永久住世!” 、“我们要宗教信仰自由!” 重伤,被军警强行带走。只知在某军队医院,四肢被截肢。
自焚时,有藏人冒死拍下现场片断,后交美联社,并由美联社10月23日播出。仅有31秒钟的视频显示,洛桑贡确倒卧在地,双脚和脚踝部分呈黑色并冒着烟,而他身体周围布满灭火器喷发的白色粉末,不远处则有许多全副武装的军警。画面中,有警车鸣笛。有藏人妇女用藏语哭泣着连声惊呼“嘉瓦丹增嘉措”(法王达赖喇嘛)、“恩重如山的法王”。 最后,有军人出现,用汉语呵斥“你在干嘛?不准照相!”


“祈愿达赖喇嘛永久住世!” 、“我们要宗教信仰自由!”