Unidentified Tibetan woman(Kyegudo)

April 5: An unidentified Tibetan woman has set herself on fire in Kyegudo in Amdo (Ch: Qinghai) Province to protest against the demolition of her home.

Citing sources in the region, the US-based Radio Free Asia said the protest occurred last week when a Chinese wrecking crew arrived to destroy her house.

“Because of the eviction [of Tibetans] from their homes and the confiscation of people’s farmland, a Tibetan woman self-immolated about a week ago” RFA quoted a Tibetan man as saying.

However, Tibetans put out fire and the woman’s condition is said to be “not life-threatening”.

自由亚洲引述一位藏人男子,”因为当局逼迫藏人强制迁离住家,并没收他们的农地,一位藏人女性在一个星期前自焚(约3月30日左右)。“ 据知目击者及时扑灭她身上的火势,挽救了她的性命。