Wangchen Dolma | 旺钦卓玛

Wangchen Dolma | 旺钦卓玛

The Tibetan nun who set herself on fire in protest against China’s continued occupation of Tibet on June 11 in Tawu region of Kham, eastern Tibet has been identified as 31-year-old Wangchen Dolma.

Although she is believed to have survived her fiery protest, there is no further information on her present condition. She is currently believed to be in a hospital in Dartsedo after Chinese security personnel arrested her from the protest site.

It has also been reported that an unidentified Tibetan man, who tried to rescue Wangchen Dolma, was severely beaten and arrested by Chinese security personnel.

Wangchen Dolma set herself on fire at around 5 pm (local time) on June 11 outside the Nyatso Monastery in Tawu, where thousands of monks from all over Tibet were participating in a major religious gathering.

According to an eyewitness, a Tibetan man tried to put off the flames on Wangchen Dolma’s body, shouting, “if we don’t rescue the nun, she will fall into the hands of the Chinese.”

“Within minutes of the self-immolation protest, Chinese security personnel arrived, extinguished the flames, and bundled the nun away in a police vehicle” the same source said. “The man who tried to save the nun was severely beaten by two Chinese security personnel and later arrested.”

Whereabouts of the unidentified Tibetan man is not known.

Wangchen Dolma’s monastery is located near Dakar Jangchup Choeling, the nunnery to which nun Palden Choetso, who self-immolated on November 3, 2011, belongs.

Wangchen Dolma is a native of Tawu. Further personal details, as well as information on the present situation at her monastery are not available.

[Update] Latest news said that Wangchen Dolma died on Friday 14th, around 8pm. The communist authority didn’t return her body but cremated it without the consent of her family. It’s said that the family is threatened by the authority, that no funeral reception or religious ceremony is allowed.

Wangchen Dolma | 旺钦卓玛 was the 123th(119thinside Tibet) Tibetan self-immolator since 2009. She was the 19thfemale self-immolator.

道孚县巴秀扎嘎寺女尼旺钦卓玛, 来自康道塢(今四川省甘孜藏族自治州道孚縣)和雅江交界处的扎巴乡人,31岁。
旺钦卓玛在6月11日,星期二下午5點左右,在正舉行「絳央貢卻」辩经大法会的著名大寺 — 靈雀寺(藏语尼措貢巴)自焚。一位藏人亲眼目睹了旺钦卓玛自焚情景,同时看到一藏人男子试图扑灭她身上的火,并高呼“如果不保护尼姑,就会被军警抢走。” 他和另一个人都向燃着火的尼姑抛献了哈达。几分钟后,军警赶到现场,用灭火器熄灭尼姑身上的火之后,还用一块白布将她包住装进车里带往地方医院。与此同时,当时在现场高呼要保护尼姑的藏人被两个警察毒打后装进车里带走。随后不久,在三辆军用卡车的随行下,警方将尼姑送往康定县医院。”
亚玛次仁表示,被警方在自焚现场拘捕的藏人是道孚县人,但具体情况不明,他被带走后,至今下落不明。自焚尼姑的目前状况也不清楚,据当地藏人说,她的家人曾前去探望过她,但有关她的家人及寺院等情况尚未了解到。当地消息及网路通讯等仍被严格封锁。 【6月16日更新】最新消息指,尼师旺钦卓玛已于14日晚上8点左右牺牲。但她的遗体并未交给她的家人,而是被当局擅自火化,当局甚至威胁尼师的家庭,不能举行吊唁、超度法会等活动。